Commercial Photography at Appalachian State University

The Bachelor of Science degree in COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY provides students with technical and visual literacy skills through a series of core courses with a strong “industry-focus”. The photography program specifically covers the elements of photographic theory with an emphasis on practice that prepares students to enter the commercial marketplace and succeed as photographers, videographers, producers, stylists, retouchers, and photo editors. The courses provide a solid foundation in commercial digital imaging, digital workflow, studio lighting, small medium, large format cameras and lab/studio management. Students work on assignments in a wide variety of areas including portraiture, fashion, product, catalog, advertising, location lighting, studio lighting, documentary, and HDSLR video production and narrative construction.

Opportunities to develop specific skills for a particular career in photography are available through a network of professionals in the field that work directly with the program. Networking with professionals is the key for a career in the demanding and challenging field of professional photography. The department offers many opportunities for students to meet and visit professionals in the field. There are opportunities for internships and work related activities. To be successful in the photography field a student should possess problem solving skills, an insight into contemporary photographic styles and practice and a strong basis in communication skills.